New Home Building  Phase Inspections

New Home Building Phase Inspections

Pre-Slab Pour Inspection
A pre-slab pour is an inspection of your home's base, piers, steel, and framework prior to pouring concrete to ensure everything has been properly constructed and ready for concrete to be poured. This inspection phase is generally conducted the afternoon before the slab is scheduled for concrete pour.

  • Checking all foundation from work locations and bracing capabilities
  • Inspecting the installation of the post-tensioned cable system for adherence to common manufacturer installation guidelines
  • Inspecting the reinforcing steel sizing and method of placement
  • Inspecting the interior pads for form and compaction issues
  • Inspecting the plastic vapor barrier for workmanship defects and location
  • Inspecting the trenchwork and pads for potential drainage issues
  • Inspecting the exposed plumbing for atypical or problematic configurations
  • Checking all beam depths and widths for reduced sizing and atypical configurations

Pre-Drywall Inspection
A great way to ensure that your new home is being built according to specifications is by having BDC Property Inspect perform a pre-drywall inspection. "Pre-Drywall" refers to a phase of the home building process before the insulation and drywall are installed, allowing a view of all components. Having a pre-drywall inspection before the drywall obscures some aspects can help identify or fix any problems, both difficult and costly, once the new home is completely finished. Areas that are inspected during a pre-drywall Inspection are as follows:

  • Foundation- slabs, walls, drains, footings, pier pads
  • Framing- notching on floor joists, firestop material, flashing for windows & doors, wall studs, lathing
  • Crawlspace
  • Floor system
  • Roof System- waterproofing
  • Wall System- retaining walls
  • Plumbing system- pipe placement
  • Electrical System – electrical wiring and junction box placement
  • HVAC- the placement of HVAC, air ducts, and registers.
  • Exterior wall coverings
  • Roof coverings
  • Interior Final Walkthrough Inspection

Final Walkthrough Inspection
The final walkthrough inspection is conducted when all construction is complete. This is the same inspections that we perform on all houses, new or used. For new homes, this inspection must be coordinated with the builder to ensure all systems are complete and ready for occupation. It should be completed prior to closing, allowing the builder time to complete any necessary repairs. For details that are included in the final walkthrough inspection, please see our residential home inspection service.

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